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Ananda Khalsa

Ananda draws inspiration from natural forms, and the vibrant luminosity of natural gemstones. She strives to capture the precious quality found in ancient jewelry, while creating pieces with a modern sensibility. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics.

Many of her pieces contain an original painting on paper, which is set behind crystal in silver or 22k gold. An important influence on Ananda's work is the powerful symbolism behind each of the subjects she chooses to paint.

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Brackish for Women

Since the beginning of time, women around the world have turned to nature to enhance their beauty. The Brackish women’s collection channels that tradition, using feathers that have become their signature material to create enduring, aesthetic touchstones with universal appeal. These pieces have been thoughtfully curated by Brackish's team of artisans who strive to develop innovative and heartfelt designs.

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Anne Vaughan

Each design you see here is conceived and created from start to finish in our Floyd, Virginia studio with quality components. We strive to introduce new designs and lines every couple weeks on, allowing new and fresh content to be seen by our wonderful clients.

Founded in 2006, Anne Vaughan Designs was created so Anne could find a way to work while doing her first job - being a mom. Tens of thousands of pieces of distinct jewelry later (all handcrafted in her studio) and dozens of retail locations across the United States, Anne designs each individual item. She showcases her work at retail events, stores and festivals, private home shows, and creates custom and bridal jewelry as well.

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Alex Monroe

Alex grew up in the countryside, in the wilds of Suffolk in a big old house surrounded by nature. He lived a life of adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature’s playground.

After training at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, Alex created his first collection in 1987 to critical acclaim. His intention was to produce excellent quality jewelery, which was originally designed, hand made and well priced. This was jewelery made to be worn and made to be loved and these values remain unchanged to this day.

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Mallary Marks

An artist of fine jewelry who creates delicate pieces using signature techniques such as latticework, along with other ancient techniques, to combine the highest-quality gold with the world's most beautiful gemstones. There is only one authentic Mallary Marks.