Brackish Bowties

Brackish is redefining tradition while crafting memorable yet personal pieces for the modern man's closet. In their Charleston production base, they have fine tuned their process and expanded designs in order to make a lasting impact on the wardrobes of many with one-of-a-kind works of art.

Every tie is handcrafted locally in South Carolina by a team of 50 artisans and production assistants. Because every single feather is hand selected, no 2 Brackish bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is a sustainable work of art. We have put painstaking effort into our products and pride ourselves on genuine, intricate detail not found in mass production.

Collared Greens

Collard Greens was born in Sun Valley, ID, out of the desire to create a line of men's clothing and accessories dedicated to supporting American jobs while preserving timeless style. Collard Greens is proud to always be American Made, delivering on the constant promise of high quality and American made craftsmanship while creating and supporting American jobs, creativity, and innovation.

Smathers & Branson

In 2004, while roommates at Bowdoin College, we decided to start a company that offered needlepoint belts. We had each been gifted a needlepoint belt from our then girlfriends and became intrigued with these unique accessories. After looking to buy finished belts, we realized that there wasn’t a company that featured these timeless items. From the start, our goal was to make the belts more available, attractive and affordable. We had always shared an entrepreneurial spirit and after discovering a concept that we were passionate about, we started working on the idea that has become Smathers & Branson®.


Where form, accuracy and functionality fuse in effortless style. Streamlined and sleek, these timepieces are truly timeless and can handle any challenge, anytime, anywhere. Tough, rugged and with a distinctive, sharp aesthetic, they epitomize the essence of contemporary masculinity.

Victorinox guarantees that its products meet the highest standards in all areas and quality is never compromised, regardless of the production site. The majority of Victorinox products – the Swiss Army Knives, Household and Professional Knives, Watches and Fragrances – are manufactured in Switzerland.

Tokens & Icons

For more than twenty years, Tokens & Icons, formerly Tokens & Coins, has been turning authentic, nostalgic materials into functional gifts. We started as the first licensee of the New York MTA with whom we continue to create cuff links from the iconic retired NY Subway tokens. Ward Wallau, founder and a self-proclaimed “authenticity hound,” gathered his crew of artisans to re-purpose authentic artifacts into functional, high quality gifts and collectibles.

In 2007 the company embraced sports nostalgia and this area has become a key focus of the business. In teaming with Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and a growing list of top-ranked collegiate football and basketball programs, we have begun to forge a place for ourselves as the provider of authentic, licensed game-used gifts. We work directly with our licensors to obtain the source materials to ensure that the fan's purchase is 100% authentic, guaranteed.

Geo. F. Trumper

Geo. F. Trumper was established in 1875 to serve gentlemen, and they have done this beautifully for over 125 years. They are a company honored with the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria and five following monarchs. These products are loved around the world by people with high standards. They hold fast to traditions of the past in terms of traditional fragrance, yet they are always adding fragrances to cater to the changing desires of the times. From creams, hard soaps, aftershaves, colognes, and deodorants to the famous Trumper skin food, they seem to have thought of it all.

Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors is an experienced product design and manufacturing team with a singular focus on delivering products that will make you love your shave. Since 2014, we've successfully launched the largest crowd-funded razors of all time on Kickstarter with the Rockwell 6S, Rockwell Chrome Series and Rockwell Model T.

We're obsessed with providing incredible shaving value to our thousands of backers all over the world. After not being satisfied with the first version of the product delivered to our backers from our previous campaign, we upgraded the design and manufacturing, made a whole new product, and delivered it to every backer of the campaign, at no additional charge. We take fulfilling our promises to you very seriously, and have the track record to prove it.

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon isn't for everyone and quite frankly, he prefers it that way. After all, Duke Cannon doesn't dine with vegans and he could give a damn about your new iPad. Duke Cannon comes from a different era--an era when men had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays in Banana Republic. In Duke's time, men pursued meaningful endeavors. They worked with their hands. They took pride in the things they built, not the things they bought. And the mindset was simple: men wanted to win, not find the "win-win". And then the whole metrosexual trend came along and screwed men up even worse. Now exists a generation of men who have spent more time in a Pottery Barn store than a hardware store. Hell no. Needless to say, the Duke Cannon Supply Company is not a big fan of this trend, It's time for man to devolve, not evolve.